Volume Twelve – Rock the Night


Tickets available online until 20/11/2024

MARS MUSIC PRODUCTIONS presents ROCK THE NIGHT – Round 12, a rocking night celebrating guitar legends and emerging talents in the rock and metal scene. Featuring GUITARMANIA with VAN ALEN, HAL WEST, & PHIL PORTER, alongside performances by SERGEANT STEEL, DEF CRÜE, JLP, and ORANGE SKIES. An electrifying showcase of musical prowess and passion.

WHEN?: Saturday, 23/11/2024, 7pm

WHERE?: SZENE WIEN – 1110 Vienna, Hauffgasse 26

Tickets: € 20,00 (pre-sale) – € 25,00 (ticket booth)

Language: Deutsch de_DE

DEF CRUE-Rock’n’Roll works even during Advent!

DEF CRUE-Rock’n’Roll works even during Advent!

It’s time! As announced on Facebook, DEF CRÜE will release a Christmas rock song every Advent Sunday. Today is the 1st Advent.

So, we proudly present: DEF CRÜE with the Christmas hit ‘DECK THE HALLS.’

Also available to watch and listen on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and other streaming services.

…and don’t forget: DEF CRÜE live on December 15, 2023, in Vienna at SIMM CITY (Vienna 11th, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 96A)!!!

CU soon and keep rockin’!

Def Crüe – Deck The Halls

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defcrue_deck the hall

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